Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Girls (STDs) (Age 13+)


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Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Girls (STDs) 7-Minute Concepts (Age 13+)

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It is important that young girls in the 15+ age group have a clear understanding of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The most common ones are described here.

This ebook answers these questions for your daughter. 

  • How is a viral STD different from a bacterial STD?
  • Do you know what a chlamydia or gonorrhea infection looks like?
  • Can chlamydia or gonorrhea be cured?
  • Do you know what HPV or genital herpes looks like?
  • Can HPV or genital herpes be cured?
  • Is there a vaccination to prevent any of the STDs?

Dr. M uses colorful and accurate illustrations to prepare your daughter for sexual maturity.

Here are a few pages from this ebook: