Our Mission

“Our goal is that children everywhere will have the knowledge to make wise choices in the care of their bodies.”

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Boys & Puberty

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Girls & Puberty

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Sexual Maturity

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“It’s not about THE TALK anymore. Today’s parents are navigating a number of minitalks about sensitive and important questions from their children. How to have a casual 7 minute talk about every important subject. You aren’t going to hold their attention for much longer.” ~ Dr. M.

About Dr. M

Dr. M Guides You Through the All of the Talks No One Wants to Have

When you start with the science, educating your child about their bodies, puberty, hormones, behavior and body development becomes a LOT easier. Dr. Shelley Metten is ready to help you at every stage of this critical parenting journey.

Get to know Dr. M through her videos,
downloads, and her essential time-saving guides to each and every lesson your child needs to know about his or her maturing body.

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