I’m a Girl: Special Me (5-7 yrs.)

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I’m a Girl, Special Me is the first book in the Girl Series (ages 5-7 years old)

This is a storybook written for little girls to introduce them to basic girl anatomy structures. The mother of one of the little girls is going to have a baby in the next few months and the girls have simple questions like where the baby came from, where it is living now inside the mom, and how it is going to get out.

Using beautiful illustrations and accurate anatomical drawings, Dr. M describes the ovaries – where eggs are stored, the uterus -where the baby is living now, and the passageway out through the vagina.

Here are a few pages from the book


What Our Readers Say…

By Adrienne via Amazon

Such a great book. I started getting questions about where baby’s come out from my 6 year old daughter. I loved how clear it was to talk about, understand and explain to her with this book. Her questions were answered in an age appropriate way.

By Barbara Shekoufeh via Amazon

An excellent educational resource explaining girl anatomy. I read this book from my own perspective as a parent and elementary school teacher, and I found the content to be very engaging, and presented in a clear and interesting manner. The visuals were helpful because they showed the anatomy being explained. The book itself is written in a natural conversational format with a Doctor Metten comfortably explaining girl anatomy and answering the questions of several curious girls.