I’m a Girl: My Changing Body (8-9 yrs.)

Describes the early signs of puberty including breast buds, body odor change, and a change in emotions.

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I’m a Girl, My Changing Body is the second book in the Girl Series (8-9 years old)

Your daughter is starting to notice changes in her body, and you see her growing up before your eyes.

This is the first of two books that talk about puberty. This book is for young girls, 8-9 years old, who are entering early puberty.

The storyline in this book is a continuation from the first book in the series, I’m a Girl, Special Me. Now, the three girls are a little older, and Dr. M uses colorful and accurate illustrations to teach them about the physical changes they can expect as they enter puberty. These changes include breast buds, a change in body odor, and a change in emotions.

Here are a few pages from the book

What Our Readers Say…

By Moriwaki via Amazon

My wife heard Dr. Metten speak at a parent education night and bought the book there. We left it laying about so of course our kids picked it up and devoured it. The text and images are clear and informative and give simple medical explanations for changes. The anatomy drawings are also very clear and present information in a non-judgmental way. This book opened up a lot of discussion over the last couple of years with our children, and also answered questions they might not have thought to ask (body odor, budding etc.) allowing them to come to us to answer questions instead of guessing or relying on notoriously mis-informed elementary school peers. Highly recommend. Easy, accurate book for kids to be able to read to understand their anatomy and development.

By Kindle Customer via Amazon

I bought this book for my 8 year old daughter, and it’s absolutely perfect for what I was looking for. It explains the beginning stages of puberty through a cute story line, with three girls (not all white, which I appreciate!) and their interaction with a family friend who is a doctor. It’s scientifically accurate without going into too much detail, and doesn’t introduce sex or intimacy, which is something my daughter isn’t quite ready for, yet. I definitely recommend if for parents/guardians wanting to start paving the way for these important conversations.