I’m a Girl: Hormones! (Ages 10+)

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I’m a Girl, Hormones! is the third book in the Girl Series (Ages 10+)

You think your daughter will be starting her period soon and you want her to be prepared for that first moment.

This book, written for girls 10 years and up, completes the storyline of the three girls from the previous two books who are now questioning when their period will start and what other changes they can expect.

Your daughter will also learn about the menstrual cycle and how to prepare month-to-month calendars to keep track.

Here are a few pages from the book

What Our Readers Say…

By Sarah via Amazon

I have three daughters and have bought all three of Dr. Metten’s books on Anatomy for Girls. They are a wonderful way to start an early conversation with our children about how their bodies work. Most books only talk about the psycho-social aspects of puberty, but these books are pure science. I now have an eleven, nine and six year old and each book in their age range perfectly addresses their questions. Thank goodness this book came out as my daughter entered middle school! By starting the conversations early, we seem to have avoided a lot of the embarrassment and shyness that many of my friends have experienced with their kids.

By LadyLa via Amazon

I LOVE this book! My daughter is 8, and I’m afraid she’s going to hit puberty earlier, rather than later. All the books I saw somehow added social stuff into them – kids will be teased, bullied, etc – problems that thus far haven’t come up, and which I didn’t want to ‘suggest,’ They all made it sound like puberty would be awful. I wanted something that just went through the facts-this is what’s happening, and this is what you need to know/do. That’s exactly what this book is. It tells girls everything they need to know, without bring up other issues. It’s fantastic.