I’m a Boy: Special Me (5-7 yrs.)

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I’m a Boy, Special Me is the first book in the Boy Series (5-7 years)

This is a storybook written for little boys to introduce them to basic boy anatomy structures. The mother of one of the little boys is going to have a baby in the next few months, and they are told that the doctor can tell if the baby is a boy or girl by studying an ultrasound and seeing if the baby has a penis. This is where the story begins.

Using colorful illustrations and accurate anatomical drawings, Dr. M describes the genitals, including information about where sperm are made, and what the penis looks like on the inside.

Here are a few pages from the book

What Our Readers Say…

By BlueRidgeMama via Amazon

I have the first two books of the “girl” series for my daughter and happily waited for this updated version to be released for my son. The storyline is a boy and his friends are talking to the boy’s parents, wondering what his (pregnant) mom will find out at her ultrasound (boy or girl). The kids muse aloud how the doctor can tell, and the mom offers to have her friend (a doctor who teaches anatomy) speak more to the kids. Now, in reality that would be a far fetched scenario but it helps set up the rest of the book where the Dr friend gives the boys a basic overview of their anatomy. It begins with some ways boys and girls are similar and then moves to how boys are unique. Protecting oneself from inappropriate touching is also discussed.

I find these to be perfectly age appropriate (I leaned towards the upper end of the age spectrum for my two) and an easy way to lay a foundation of conversation with my children. The parent is involved but slightly removed via the storyline, which is helpful if you or your child find these conversations difficult to begin. Emphasis is on facts – there is a disclaimer that “these learning resources are not intended to promote any specific moral or cultural perspective….[the author/publisher considers] that a parent or other concerned adult would prefer to provide that guidance themselves.

By Marina via Amazon

I have this book for my 7 year old son and it is such a great book for boys to have. All body parts are referred to by their proper name and the illustrations are anatomically correct so that kids don’t get confused. The book explains just enough information to answer questions but doesn’t overwhelm them with more information than they “need” to know at this age and it’s written for them to understand what they are reading. You can tell there was a lot of thought put into these books as they are well written and incredibly useful, my son loves it. I have tried two other books but they were too long and a bit confusing. I also felt like other books I’ve considered buying were to generalized and didn’t focus on different age groups and that is very important because kids at different ages are learning different things and something that a 7 year old needs to know about his body isn’t the same thing that a 15 year old needs to know. Anatomy for Kids breaks it down really well.