I’m a Boy: Hormones! (Ages 11+)

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I’m a Boy, Hormones! is the third book in the Boy Series (Ages 11+)

Your son is showing signs that his body is changing as he matures through puberty. He looks different and he is eager to share his opinions.

This book, written for boys 11 years and up, is the second book that describes puberty. Its focus is on helping your son understand why his body is changing and what he can expect next.

It is during this stage that he is likely to experience his first ejaculation. It is important for him to learn where the fluid is produced in his boy anatomy and what it means.

Here are a few pages from the book

What Our Readers Say…

By Te via Amazon

I wanted my 9 yr old to learn where babies come from and how they are made. I wanted the book to be biological. I wanted it to talk about sperm, eggs. I wanted it to define sex in one to two sentences, on the order of when x gets inserted into y, sperm can meet up with egg. I would have been happy to wait another year or so, but his more knowledgeable friends talk. I didn’t want a book about sex. He doesn’t need to know about the various types of sex, masturbation, contraceptives, morning after pill, STDs and god knows what else. That’s for much later.

This book delivered exactly what I was looking for. It talks about the changes to the body during puberty. It’s very biological. It also covers wet dreams in a paragraph. Perfect for a 10 yr old I think.

By Kait via Amazon

This book is amazing, and I’m completely blown away at how professional and concise this book is. When my brother (10 yrs old) first opened it, he laughed and thought the pictures were hilarious, until he started reading. He doesn’t have a lot of resources to see and have questions answered, so this book was the best thing. I strongly recommend for any parent that wants to give their child a head start on puberty. Knowledge is power!