Girl Anatomy and Menstrual Cycle (Age 13+)


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Girl Anatomy and Menstrual Cycle 7-Minute Concepts (Age 13+)

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Having regular monthly periods is the signal that your daughter is sexually mature. She needs to take a more mature look at her reproductive structures and their functions as well at the menstrual cycle.

This ebook answers these questions for your daughter. 

  • What girl structures are in the pelvic cavity?
  • What happens to the egg at ovulation?
  • How does an egg make its way to the uterus?
  • What happens in a pelvic exam?
  • What are the two openings in the vulva?
  • What is inside a breast?
  • What are the stages of the menstrual cycle?
  • Does the brain control the menstrual cycle each month?

Dr. M uses colorful and accurate illustrations to prepare your daughter for sexual maturity.

Here are a few pages from this ebook: