Girls and Eggs, Boys and Sperm (Age 12+)


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Girls and Eggs, Boys and Sperm 7-Minute Concepts (Age 12+)

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Your daughter is having regular monthly periods which means she has completed puberty. This is the time for her to learn about the difference between the pathway for an egg to the uterus and the pathway that sperm take when they leave the testicles.

This ebook answers these questions for your daughter.

  • Why is there a limited number of eggs?
  • Why is there an endless number of sperm?
  • What hormones are in a menstrual cycle?
  • What happens at ovulation?
  • Where does a period come from?
  • Where are sperm made?
  • How do sperm get out of the body?

Dr. M uses colorful and accurate illustrations to teach your daughter about the pathway an egg takes in her body and the pathway sperm take in a boy’s body.

Here are a few pages from this ebook: