Conception and Contraception for Boys (Age 13+)


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Conception and Contraception in Boys 7-Minute Concepts (Age 13+)

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Now is the time for him to learn about the responsibilities that are part of becoming sexually mature. This content explains the biology of conception, and how the basic contraceptive methods work including abstinence.

This ebook answers these questions for your son. 

  • What happens at ovulation?
  • Where does an egg meet a sperm?
  • What is conception?
  • When in the menstrual cycle can fertilization happen?
  • Do XX or XY chromosomes form a baby girl?
  • What happens during the first gestational month?
  • What happens during the second gestational month?
  • What happens during the third gestational month?
  • What is contraception?
  • How does abstinence prevent pregnancy?
  • How does a condom prevent pregnancy?
  • How does the birth control pill prevent pregnancy?

Dr. M uses colorful and accurate illustrations to teach your son about conception and contraception.

Here are a few pages from this ebook: