Conception and Contraception for Girls (Age 13+)


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Conception and Contraception 7-Minute Concepts (Age 13+)

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Having regular monthly periods is the signal that your daughter has reached sexual maturity. Let’s be proactive and make sure she understands what happens at conception and how contraceptives work to prevent pregnancy.

This ebook answers these questions for your daughter.

  • What are the male anatomy structures?
  • When in the menstrual cycle can fertilization happen?
  • What determines if it’s a boy baby or girl baby?
  • What happens in the first three gestational months?
  • Why is abstinence the best way to prevent pregnancy?
  • How do condoms prevent pregnancy?
  • How do birth control pills prevent pregnancy?

Dr. M uses colorful and accurate illustrations to prepare your daughter for sexual maturity.

Here are a few pages from this ebook: