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  1. I have 10 yr old twin grandsons. They’re pediatritjon recently told my daughter that they indeed were at v the start of puberty. Even though identicals, 1, (youngest by about 30 seconds😏)is more open and proud to be able to say he’s getting hairy like dad. Where the firstborn is more modest. The whole point to this is that my daughter called to ask if I knew if little boys advancing puberty goes through the similar mood swings as duo girls. I also have a son, and to me, he just seemed to go. through( lol…for a lack of a better expression) a little weirdness. Like staying in the bathroom longer, showering more, finding a few books borrowed from school buddies ..I think😲 So, pretty much just yourbasic changes. I tried to play it cool since it all seemed “that age” appropriate.. Around 11 1/2 to 12, But my daughter said the older twin has started being really emotional.. Not tantrums or lashins out but that he cries and is upset with himself a lot.Like I said, he is more reserved but was wondering if anyone besides me and my daughter, thinks his self-esteem is down even more over these changes he’s going through? Where the youger one is kinda looking forward to it all, he seems dreading it.. And if so.. Any helpful advice? 😒

    Comment by Kay Britton on October 31, 2016 at 5:54 pm
  2. Hi Kay,

    This is such a great question. Every boy is a little different in the way he responds to the changes happening in his body and mind during puberty. It is a perplexing time for kids and parents (and grandparents). During puberty there is a time of tremendous development in their brain. The brain matures from the back of the brain to the front and so the prefrontal cortex (behind the forehead) is among the last to mature. This is the part of the brain responsible for self awareness. I encourage parents to be wise in the use of their words as they communicate with kids in your grandson’s age group. Look for every opportunity to make positive comments about attributes in them. Both boys will benefit from carefully placed encouraging comments. This is a way for parents to mold a positive self awareness in their child. The emotional changes in boys is not as well documented as in girls but based on my observations and conversations with lots of parents, boys go through emotional ups and downs as well. In a few years, these extremes will calm down. I am posting a video the second Tuesday of each month on my anatomy for kids Facebook page for parents of boys 8-10 year old boys and then on the 4th Tuesday of the month a video for parents of 11-14 year old boys. The videos are called Celebrate Puberty Moments and each month I offer one concept that parents can teach their kids about puberty. They are short videos but over the year add up to lots of great information. I hope all of this is helpful. Dr. Metten

    Comment by Dr. Metten on November 6, 2016 at 10:42 am

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