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  1. This was the most “on point” answer to my search, but my little (4) biy would like to know why the larts are different. “Why do boys have a penis and girls don’t” my multiple explanations haven’t satisfied him… He keeps asking. Very simple “that’s what makes us different” or “we have different parts because we are not the same” I’m really struggling. I told my husband he can save the “so the parts can fit together like Legos” explaination. For a long. Long. While. What would be a more specific, while still innocent explaination for why our parts aren’t the same?

    Comment by Perplexed mommy on March 16, 2017 at 7:56 pm
  2. Hi Perplexed mommy….

    It sounds like you have a very insightful son, maybe a future doctor! You are wise to wait for the more advanced information since he is only 4. Although it sounds like he wants to know the more advanced information, I don’t think he really does. The answer is much more complicated than he is prepared for.

    I wrote a book for boys 5-7 years old and maybe it would help you with his questions. It is called I’m a Boy, Special Me. In my book I attempt to address the questions that young boys ask before they have entered puberty and need a more simple answer. The book starts by explaining that boys and girls have very similar anatomy when it comes to the heart and the brain, but there is a difference between a boy and a girl. The focus of the book is on the boy’s anatomy and there are accurate illustrations that teach him about his reproductive system. I am a big believer in making sure that kids know their own reproductive anatomy before the concepts become clouded by the anatomy of the opposite sex and sexual topics.

    I think this might satisfy his curiosity for now.

    I hope this helps you…please let me know if we need to chat more.
    Dr. Metten

    Comment by Dr. Metten on March 17, 2017 at 12:21 pm

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