Becoming Sexually Mature (Ages 13+)


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Becoming Sexually Mature 7-Minute Concepts (Ages 13+)

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“Becoming Sexually Mature” is a Small Topic from the book I’m a Boy, How Are Girls Different? (Ages 13+)

Within the next year, your son will likely begin having ejaculations. This is a sign that he has completed puberty. It is time for him to learn the other half of the story.

This Small Topic, written for boys 13+ years, explains when your son will know from the biology when both he and girls are sexually mature. It also begins the discussion about what it means to be sexually mature.

This Small Topic provides an important foundation of information that prepares your son for the last book in the Boys Series called I’m a Boy, Sexual Maturity (Ages 15+).

Here are a few pages from this Small Topic